Velvet Elvis the Only Lover Left Alive

The Electric Stars

New Stars Album!!! 

It is now 10 years since The Electric Stars recorded SONIC CANDY SOUL. Its not clear what has happened in that time but, touring, Single, touring, Single & some other dubious activities have affected the band enough to give us a whole different ride with the new material. 

               Velvet Elvis: The Only Lover Left Alive is OUT NOW ! & it has been very much worth the wait! 

'Sonic' described by many as a box of psychedelic pop candy treats certainly lived up to the reviews, taking the listener on a Kaliedascopic trip into a Rock n Roll paradise overflowing with Beautiful Music. 

              As different as the new Album is, happily some things are still the same. 

Great writing, wonderful musicianship and 12 songs of mesmerising quality. 

             'Velvet Elvis' is an outstanding Rock n Roll Album. There is a story. It's a story we all know well. But it's a story that runs through the soul of all great Rock n Roll music.

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The Electric Stars are unlike any other band on 'The Scene' right now ! They have managed to perfect a trick, that all the great bands have up their collective sleeve. That is, the ability to soak up all the best music, from the best bands, from any era & spit it out as original tunes ! They confidently swagger like The Stones & hold an audience like Kasabian. The songs can be as whimsical as The Kinks or violent like The Sex Pistols. The Electric Stars are a Psychedelic Rock n Roll Speedball bursting with Glamtastic guitars, Hippy lyrics & drenched in Soul. The band formed in 2011, as a gang of like minded freaks, from the remnants of various Mancunian combo's. The Mission: Original Rock n Roll that inspires !
They signed to Detour Records in February 2012, released a single in March & the debut album 'Sonic Candy Soul' in September ! They have played with the likes of The Charlatans, Kaiser Chiefs, Macy Gray & Jefferson Airplane. The album has been featured in countless magazines with glowing reviews, even making the Top 12 of 2012 in 'Scootering Magazine' alongside Paul Weller. 
The future is Star shaped for these Manc Soul Brothers !