Sounds Like Music - The new album by The Electric Stars:

If you like your music to have a mixture of the psychedelic, good old British R&B, and Glam then you can't go wrong with this fantastic album that has so many textures and layers - 

that you are immersed into a kaleidoscopic circus that is simply an aural treat. It has hard edges mixed with sometimes sublime softness. Think The Stones or T-Rex mixed with Brit Pop indie moments that remind me of that other Manchester band James, track 5 Suicide being the track that has, without doubt, a melancholy beauty to it that is reminiscent of a song by Tim Booth Track 6. Everything Everyone continues the journey before a Primal Screamesque track 7. Precious takes over, with the wonderful lyric "Jesus, can't you control your sister. She's outrageous, and I can't resist her." 

From here on it's pure Rock N' Roll with a rich flavour that is just what the doctor ordered. Dirty, spiritual, and euphoric all at the same time. It steadily comes in waves, and The Electric Stars have the mix just right. Which comes as no surprise. But, comparing them to other artists does them a disservice. Jason Edge is a consummate wordsmith with a recognisable voice and a presence you would expect from a man with drive and experience. Musically everyone involved feels at the top of their game, from great guitars to keyboards and percussion to vocals. Everyone steps up to the plate. For example track 10: I Left My Soul In The Rain has an uplifting gospel feel with the refrain "Stepping into the light", which is about as sublime as you can get. This is followed by a powerfully rocking track We Love You, which is raucous and rich and really makes you want to be part of the band and inhabit the crazy circus that Electric Stars have created. Velvet Elvis - The Only Lover Left A Live, is an album that reflects what we are all missing. The buzz of great music and experience. Luxuriate in the velvet richness, and know that Rock n' Roll is not dead, and Elvis lives whilst cloaked in velvet, and he is here to stay, whilst spreading love and happiness.

Written by Jason Disley

Sounds Like Music